Mainstem Eel River Salmon and Steelhead Monitoring

Slideshow of the Mobile Monitoring Unit - set-up and testing.

Redwood Empire Trout Unlimited is partnering with our friends at CDFW and Golden Gate Trout Unlimited on a critical Salmon and Steelhead monitoring project. Our team is assisting the California Department of Fish and Wildlife with the installation and maintenance of a DIDSON sonar “camera” on the mainstem of the Eel River. The use of sonar to monitor salmon is well suited to the variable flow and water clarity that characterizes the Eel River during the winter, when adult salmon are migrating. Sonar technology allows Chinook salmon, and steelhead to be accurately counted as they pass the camera, and provides valuable data that will aid in recovery efforts on the Eel.

Trout Unlimited is assisting CDFW by providing a power supply trailer that allows the equipment to be used at a remote site and additional funding for labor to help operate the project.

We’ve wrapped up monitoring for 2018-2019, CDFWs pilot year report for the winter can be found here

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