Take Action! Support the Great Redwood Trail Act

Do you dream of exploring & fishing miles and miles of the wild & scenic Eel River canyon? Senator McGuire's SB 1029 — the Great Redwood Trail Act — calls for a trail beside miles of the North Coast rail - eventually connecting SF and Humboldt Bays.

Act Now! Tell Governor Brown you support SB 1029

Want to help make the Great Redwood Trail a reality? Governor Brown needs to know that the Redwood Empire supports SB 1029. 

Please call the Governor’s comment line TODAY and leave a (polite) message asking him to actively support SB 1029 – the Great Redwood Trail Act.  

Governor Brown’s Phone: (916) 445-2841. Below is an example script you can use for your call. 
•    I’m ——————-, calling from (town), (county) to express my support for SB 1029, the Great Redwood Trail Act.
•    This bill would turn an environmental and fiscal liability into a public asset. 
•    SB 1029 will bring much needed tourism revenue to the North Coast region and provide access to an incredible stretch of the Eel River.

More Information

The canyon that the North Coast rail travels through is a wild, remote place with few public access points, rich in wildlife, with an officially designated wild and scenic river flowing by a slide-damaged railroad and collapsed tunnels. The trail will wind through wine country, the Russian and Eel Rivers, through old growth Redwood forests, and up to Humboldt Bay.

The Great Redwood Trail is one step closer to reality with unanimous approval from the California State Senate. The North Coast Railroad Authority, which has managed the entire 316-mile rail line from Napa to Arcata for the past 29 years, is not standing in the way of McGuire’s plan.


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Text of Senator McGuire's Senate Bill 1029 (SB-1029)

Image Credit: Heading south through a light mist, California Western "Skunk" 300 meets Eureka Southern 31 arriving with last trip of the season for "North Coast Daylight". October 28, 1989. - Ruth Rockefeller photo