Resources for Landowners

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Tu’s guide to california water rights

The Guide provides a straightforward, easy-to-read introduction for small water users—typically rural residents or farmers who get their water from nearby wells, springs, or streams rather than a municipal system or irrigation district. While small-scale water use by such entities is common in California, the legal rights and obligations surrounding these uses can be complex. Water users play a vital role in the survival of salmon and steelhead in California, knowing your rights is an important first step in understanding how your water system might be adapted to improve habitat for fish.

Your local Resource conservation district

If you have a question about how to best manage your land to protect and support salmon or other species, your local Resource conservation district (RCD) is a great place to start. Below are a list of RCDs serving the various areas in the Redwood Empire.

Sonoma RCD:

Gold Ridge RCD (western Sonoma County):

Mendocino RCD:

Humboldt RCD:

Lake County RCD:

Napa RCD:


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