Volunteer! Help Steelhead Recovery in the Petaluma River Watershed.

Lichau Creek, Sonoma County

Lichau Creek, Sonoma County

Please contact Dan Hubacker at joehub@sbcglobal.net to get on the schedule! 

Dan Hubacker, the director of United Anglers of Casa Grande, is looking for people to help survey several Petaluma River tributaries this summer. This will provide an opportunity for hands-on data collection in support of watershed conservation and steelhead recovery as well as give you some valuable education and training. Under his expert supervision, volunteers will be trained then form a team to survey and monitor local creeks where they will:

  • Look for and identify summer steelhead trout habitat;
  • Monitor water quality, the presence and state of isolated pools, the existence of passage barriers, and other criteria; and
  • Develop a database of information for future restoration and recovery efforts.

There are three specific Petaluma tributaries that will form the focus of this effort. They will be identified by Dan in advance of each day’s field work. More details:

  • Sessions will be held now through August, on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, from 11:00 AM until around 2:30 PM
  • The surveys will require walking one to two miles, entering and exiting creeks. Old shoes, or waders are required
  • Ages 18 and over only
  • Bring a lunch, sunscreen, and a hat. The temperatures are likely to be quite warm.
  • A liability waiver will be provided and your signature required

 Interested? Please contact Dan Hubacker at joehub@sbcglobal.net to get on the schedule! 
The United Anglers of Casa Grande, Inc. is an established 501©3 non-profit educational organization whose purpose is to promote environmental awareness and activism through hands-on habitat restoration that supports the survival and recovery of federally threatened salmonids. United Anglers students operate and maintain a state-of-the-art conservation fish hatchery on the Casa Grande High School campus in Petaluma, CA, learning a range of relevant skills through practical application and intensive environmental curriculum. North Bay Trout Unlimited is strongly supporting this program, check them out at www.uacg.org .