We had alot of fun in February meeting people at our table at the Steelhead Festival on February 11 at Lake Sonoma! Take a look.



Recent Events

On January 12, RETU held a General Membership meeting at the Lagunitas Brewing Company. Sam Davidson, MaryAnn King, Mia Van Docto, and Anna Halligan made presentations about the work Trout Unlimited has been doing in the Russian River, Eel River, and North Coast watersheds. A new slate of directors and officers was elected. Alot of good conversation and a good turnout!

In January, we were helping CDFW and the Sonoma Water Agency construct aquarium setups for the Trout in the Classroom program. This incredible classroom experience allows students to experience hands-on learning by observing trout eggs as they hatch and develop into alevin and then fry. They learn to appreciate science and the importance of watersheds.