Success! Mokelumne River Designated Wild & Scenic

Governor Jerry Brown officially designated 37 miles of the Mokelumne River as “wild and scenic. Read more >>


RETU took part in advocating for the Wild & Scenic Designation for the Moke. RETU members and volunteers helped protect the Mokelumne by letting CNRA know they supported the Wild and Scenic designation. 

The California Natural Resources Agency has found the upper Mokelumne River eligible for state Wild & Scenic River designation -- their report is currently available for public review and comment until March 9th.

The Mokelumne River Wild & Scenic designation protects and enhances the extraordinary scenic and recreational values of one of California's best "gold country" trout fisheries by prohibiting future dams and major diversions on the protected segments. The Mokelumne is already a hard-working river that provides clean drinking water for 1.4 million people, irrigation water for downstream farms, and hydropower for more than 200,000 homes. 

Wild and Scenic designation does not affect existing facilities and services or future development of small water diversions for local use. It ensures that the remaining free flowing segments of the river are permanently protected for those qualities, including adequate streamflows, which make the Mokelumne River one of the best trout fishing rivers in California. 

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