Proposed Inland Trout Regulation Changes

The comment period is now closed. Thank you for your comments on the proposed inland trout regulation changes. More info will be posted as the process continues.


Through May 3, many of you made your voice heard on CDFWs proposed inland trout regulation changes. Check the below PDFs to see how regulations might change. Thanks to TUCA staff for providing these documents.

Other info:

CDFWs rationale for this effort is “to make [the regulations] easier to understand, and to better align regulations with management objectives on each water.” This goal seems worthy. However, the “management objectives” for specific waters are unclear.

In particular, the “Inland Trout Angling Regulation Simplification” proposal would open up several hundred fisheries to year-round angling and to remove restrictions on gear and harvest (5-fish daily limit) or extend the season for all-gear and harvest for some of these waters.

Initial feedback from anglers to CDFW also has questioned the proposed delay of the traditional opener (currently last weekend in April for most general season waters) to the Saturday preceding Memorial Day and to end the general season on September 30 (currently the season ends on November 15 for most general season waters).

Please note that these changes do not include anadromous waters.

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Visit CDFWs website for a full list of proposed changes:

Check out the blog post from TUCAs Sam Davidson: